Sep 21, 2009

my glitter bolt :D

i know i haven't done any posting on here for quite some time.....well i'm sorry for you readers and my reasons are for i have been out of town...out of state..traveling and etc...being up north on a farm really wasn't my idea of a vacation until canada came around! :D . . electrik musik blog has been totally internet less and just messages and comments through a mobile phone...the torture..the horror ... anyhoo i should be back soon with L O A D S of new stuff...:D KEEP POSTED!



Jul 22, 2009


Hot from the oven is the latest Chewy Chocolate Cookies track..This is Massive!
It's supposedly experimental but I beg to's a pretty awesome track!
It is a bit different from what they usually do but it's still got the cookie flavor in it. Enjoy ;D

Video Teaser

Chewy Chocolate Cookies - Delacatessen #1

Jul 7, 2009

URGENT: Save The Internet

Now this post has absolutely nothing to do with music but on a bigger subject. The American Government wants to regulate the internet, which just happens to be out last real freedom of expression. They already have tons of regulations on television, radio, and newspapers. And now the internet. Watch this video and hopefully you'll gain a bigger understanding about what the U.S.government wants to do. Help protect net neutrality! If you're an American that cares about their own personal internet usage and internet freedom of expression click here www. SAVE THE INTERNET .com

Jul 2, 2009

Jay Nicole

Jay Nicole is outta Austin, Texas, Jay Nicole knows her shitt..this girl knows how to rock it...and will be performing in McAllen,Texas Friday night at fantasy Skate Center..I personally thought this location was kind of odd..but fun and creative! Who doens't love disco lights and banging electronic sounds! woo! Aside from this event take a listen to these bangin' mixes Jay Nicole was kind enough to send. Hope you enjoy and see ya Friday!

[Click here to download]

Now click here and give Miss Jay Nicole some love!!!

Soundwave..McAllen, Texas July 3rd 2009

For more info click here...READY SET RAVE PRODUCTIONS

Jul 1, 2009

Blatta & Inesha

WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR WAR...This track is fuckin wicked! It's absolutely amazing! Fucking bass got my ears tingly!..I cannot wait to see them in Austin, Texas @ Beauty Bar,,Aug 14th..woo check it's a definite must have from these italian djs! Blatta & seriously gotta love em.

Rampage - War (Blatta and Inesha Remix)

May 15, 2009

Vive la Fete!

Vive La Fete are back and more banging than ever! I honestly wasn't too crazy about their previous album "Jour De Chance" but this coming album "Disque D'or" seems to be outstanding so far and that's because just a few tracks have been available for preview on their myspace!
This track "Everybody Hates Me" is a mix of Glam, Electro, Rock and some sort of 1940s jazz singer provided by the lovely Els Pynoo. These guys are honestly original and amazing. Check out the track and enjoy!

Vive la fete -Everybody Hates Me [MEDIAFIRE]